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Neville Thompson – Director, CHP Wellington Ltd

Qualifications: ME (Civil), BE(Civil), NZCE(Civil)
Memberships: SESOC, NZ Timber Design Society, NZ Geotechnical Society.
Experience: Neville joined CHP in 2007 as a structural engineering Director. He has extensive experience in commercial and industrial building design, building condition and seismic assessments, seismic strengthening, civic asset upgrading and replacement, and project management.


James Mulligan – Director, CHP Wellington Ltd

Qualifications: BE (Hons) (Civil), CPEng, IntPE(NZ)
Memberships: CMEngNZ, SESOC, NZSEE, Concrete NZ
Experience: James joined CHP as a structural engineer in 2011 and became a Director in 2019. James has extensive structural and civil engineering design experience, having been involved in a wide range of projects throughout New Zealand and abroad. He specialises in the structural design of buildings of varying scales as well as the seismic assessment and retrofit of existing buildings. James has been involved in a number of major seismic strengthening projects within New Zealand.


David Williamson – Director, CHP Wellington Ltd
Building Services Engineer

Qualifications: NZCE (HVAC)
Experience: David is a founding Director of CHP. David is responsible for HVAC and hydraulic services design for up to medium scale commercial and industrial projects. He also has experience in, and carries out design and documentation for residential and commercial alteration work, as well as structural detailing.


Mike Cathie – Consultant, CHP Wellington Ltd
Structural Engineer

Qualifications: BE (Hons), NZCE (Civil), CPEng, Int.P.E.
Memberships: FEngNZ (Structural), SESOC, NZSEE
Experience:  Mike was a founding Director of CHP and has over 40 years experience as a consulting structural engineer. He carries out structural engineering design and construction observation for a wide variety of structural engineering projects including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, as well as seismic strengthening. Mike retired as a Director in 2019, however he remains actively involved in the office and is an invaluable part of the CHP team.


Jared Greig – CHP Wellington Ltd
Structural Engineer

Qualifications: BE (Hons) (Civil)
Memberships: MEngNZ, SESOC
Experience: Jared joined CHP in 2018 upon his return from the UK. With us he has gained experience in structural analysis and seismic strengthening, structural timber design and use of steel and concrete.


Atunaisa Nabola  – CHP Wellington Ltd
Structural Draftsperson

Qualifications: TDCE, ADCE
Experience: Atu joined CHP in 2019 as a new addition to our drafting team. His competent background with Autodesk software packages has enabled him to make a valuable contribution to the delivery of new-build and retrofit projects alike.